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Osteoporosis & Osteoporosis Treatment

Osteoporosis – “porous bones” – ‘s dis-ease – causes bones to become fragile & brittle & very susceptible to fractures. These fractures occur typically in hip – spine – & wrist. A fracture / broken bone may’ve huge affect on your life – causing dis-ability – pain – / loss of independence. Fractures may make it very difficult to do daily activities without help.

In past osteoporosis was thought of as women’s dis-ease. Now all of us know – men also’ve to worry about weak bones &’re @ risk of osteoporosis. In fact – 1 in four men over age of 50 shall suffer fracture caused by osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis Diagnosis

The best method to diagnose osteoporosis’s bone mineral de-nsity test – called DEXA test motion free prezzo. It’s recommended to get bone de-nsity test if you’re woman aged 65 / older / if u’re 60 years old & @ increased risk of osteoporosis. The results of your bone de-nsity test shall give u T-score. The T-score co-mpares your bone de-nsity with – of average healthy young adult of same sex.

What’s The Best Osteoporosis Treatment ? – simple question to answer … Aha !

It’s never too late – / too early to treat / pre-vent osteoporosis. Building strong bones _WHEN_ u’re young’s best de-fense against getting osteoporosis later on in life. To improve your bone health – try following advice:

1. Calcium

The best way to treat & pre-vent osteoporosis’s to get adequate amounts of calcium along with magnesium – trace minerals – vitamins D3 & vitamin K2 in your diet. Osteoporosis’s _NOT_ only due to insufficient calcium intake _BUT_ rather because all of us do _NOT_ get sufficient amounts of bone building nutrients in our diet.

It’s best to get as much calcium from foods in your diet as possible – & then make up shortfall using calcium supplement with proper bone building ingredients included in formula.

2. Vitamin D

To help your body absorb calcium It’s also important to get enough vitamin D. You may get vitamin D through sunlight & foods. You need 10-15 minutes of sunlight to hands – arms – & face – two to three times week to get enough vitamin D. Recent studies show u need much more vitamin D than was pre-viously recommended.

3. Magnesium

Magnesium & calcium work together to keep calcium in your bones & out of your soft tissues. It’s always best to get minerals from your diet by eating legumes – & vegetables (especially dark-green – leafy vegetables with chlorophyll).

4. Vitamin K2

There’re lots of recent studies finding vitamin K2 to be very important for healthy bones. Vitamin K’s _NOT_ made naturally by body – so it must co-me from your diet.

5. Exercise

Weight-bearing exercise – _WHICH_’s any activity in _WHICH_ your body works against gravity helps your bones in lots of ways. Exercise slows bone loss – improves muscle strength & helps limit bone-damaging falls. Walking – dancing – running – climbing stairs – gardening – doing yoga – tai chi – hiking – playing tennis – / lifting weights shall all help with treating & pre-venting osteoporosis.

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