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It is possible to stop the advance of osteoporosis effectively.

Moreover, with proper care, reversing Osteoporosis is also definitely possible. Apart from a lack of proper magnesium, researchers feel that inadequate magnesium intake might also be the cause of osteoporosis.

Acidity has been found to be a cause for weak bones in the body. Calcium neutralizes the acidity in the body. Soft drinks contain sugar and phosphoric acid, which deplete the level of calcium in the body. Therefore, it is always better to avoid or totally stop the consumption of soft drinks, especially if an individual is already suffering from osteoporosis.

Researchers also feel that the imbalance between the levels of calcium and magnesium in the body is one of the main causes of osteoporosis. A lack of magnesium makes the body extract the required calcium from the bones, making them weaker in the process. An adequate amount of magnesium in the body reverses this process and starts depositing calcium in the bones, making them dense and stronger. In fact, magnesium pulls calcium from areas like soft tissue where it might otherwise lead to the development of arthritis or arthrosclerosis and deposits them in the bones reversing Osteoporosis, and at the same time preventing other adverse conditions like arthritis and arthrosclerosis.

A vegan diet is also known to maintain a better balance between the levels of calcium and magnesium. Fruits and vegetables are useful in reducing the acidic content in the body, which is beneficial for better calcium absorption in the bones. In most western countries, the lack of calcium in the diet is not a major issue. Most people in the west get adequate quantities of calcium either through their regular diet or through diet supplements. But that is part of the problem because that increases the imbalance between magnesium and calcium.

Therefore, a regimen that slowly restores the balance between the two minerals needs to be followed for effectively reversing Osteoporosis. Some researchers suggest stopping calcium intake for a period of three months and increasing magnesium alone for faster and better results. They claim that the magnesium is better able to extract excess calcium deposited in the wrong places and deposit them in the bones where it is required the most.

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