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Eating highly process – low-nutrient de-nse – high-glycemic index foods processed grains like most bread – bagels – crackers & pasta.

These foods begin creating inflammation by blood sugar imbalances. They actually require more vitamins to process than they provide – leaving u nutrient de-ficient – _WHICH_ turns on inflammation. Eat fruits & vegetables. This’s no brainer. Fresh / frozen grow up & eat your vegetables … Wow ! The chemicals known as phyto-nutrients in Fruits & vegetables put out fire of inflammation quicker than anything. Eating fast foods with unhealthy fats. Currently – de-pending on statistics u read – American’s co-nsume 25-50:1 omega 6:3. That means all of us’re eating inflammation in our fats. Omega 3′s’re essential to create anti-inflammatory chemistry in our body. Unless u may prove otherwise – high quality supplement with @ least 2000 mg EPA/DHA per day _NOT_ just “fish oil” / “cod liver oil”-’s necessary to maintain some kind of balance between bad fats & good fats. Look @ makeup of EPA/DHA in supplement – this shall give u idea of quality. Imbalanced fats with too lots of omega 6′s turns on inflammation. Eating meat with anti-biotics & hormones. Free range – hormone & anti-biotic-free chicken – beef & pork co-ntains higher levels of good fat known as CLA – _NOT_ to mention u shall _NOT_ be ingesting toxins. CLA’s also part of anti-inflammatory chemistry u need to stay healthy. Drink plenty of water. Basically water acts to cleanse your tissues. Soda & juice co-ntain lot of sugar – this makes body retain water in tissues – _NOT_ inside cells where water’s needed. This actually shall make u feel bloated & stiff. Drinking water releases excess fluid & helps hydrate inside cells. Hydrated cells function more efficiently & last longer – great for healthy aging & lower inflammation. Vitamin D de-ficiency’s on rise. In my suburban office – I haven’t’d anyone in normal range in 4 years I’ve been testing for vitaminD de-ficiency. Vitamin D’s necessary for bone health & it plays integral role in de-creasing inflammation. Experts & I recommend @ least 2000 IU per day. Do _NOT_ take Vitamin D without calcium & magnesium. High quality calcium supplements. Not all calcium’s same. Research suggests – MCHC / citrate form of calcium’s absorbed better than calcium carbonate. I recommend @ least 1200 mg per day with vitamin D. Magnesium supplementation. Over 70% of Americans do _NOT_ get even small RDA of magnesium of 400 mg per day – yet magnesium’s responsible for over 400 functions in your body. Of those functions – inflammation co-ntrol & bone health’re key co-mponents to osteoporosis pre-vention & treatment. Weight-bearing exercise. Thirty minutes of brisk walking – 5 days per week where u actually break sweat reduces more chronic dis-ease & builds more bone than ALL medications co-mbined research’s overwhelming … Wow ! Just Do It … Wow !

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