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There have been varied opinions regarding Strontium for Osteoporosis.

Of course, various different results for different people are something that needs to be expected, especially for relatively new drugs. There are claims that strontium ranalate has been effective in reducing the rate of fractures. Some claims indicate that blood clots are one of the side effects of this drug, but these reports have been unconfirmed.

Research indicates that DXA results might look different for women using Strontium for Osteoporosis when compared to women using other drugs. This is because of the unique way in which strontium absorbs x-rays when binding itself to the bone. Even if there has not been any change in the bone structure, the bone might look denser in the x-ray just due to the presence of strontium, which can be really misleading. So when a DXA is done, women need to specifically make it known that they are taking the medication so that the DXA results can be adjusted accordingly. If the adjustment to the results is not done, then the results would be misleading.

Strontium for Osteoporosis needs to be taken separately and not mixed with other drugs in order to be absorbed well into the system. Strontium ranalate also needs to be taken separately, apart from regular food timing. When strontium enters the body when food or other drugs are in the digestive tract, it may not be absorbed fully.

Bisphosphonates are popular among prescriptions that are mostly used for treating osteoporosis in the US. There are claims that this can suppress the formation of healthy bone tissue to a larger degree when compared to anti-resorbing drugs. This can result in micro-damage to the bone structure which when accumulated over a number of years can suddenly cause a fracture at a later stage.

The most effective way to deal with osteoporosis is with good exercise and a healthy diet. Weight bearing exercise when done on a regular basis can strengthen one’s muscles and bones and can prevent them from easily chipping or breaking. A well-balanced diet and adequate nutritional supplements to go with it would keep a person’s bones healthy and strong.

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