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Frightened By a Diagnosis of Osteoporosis?

Who Can You Trust To Give You a Reliable, Scientifically Proven Formula, Guaranteed to Successfully Reverse Osteoporosis?

“It Confirms My Intuition About Calcium Supplementing”

“I was diagnosed and treated for thyroid cancer in May 2000… after surgery the doctors told me they had to touch my parathyroid and put it back in… basically saying that with a hope and a prayer, it would still manage my calcium levels for me. Since 2000 my bone density has dropped into osteopenia and getting close to osteoporosis… allegedly.

“I have really enjoyed reading your in-depth research and it confirms my intuition about calcium supplementing. I was also interested to read about the bone density machines…

“It Has Been a Real Eye-Opener”

“Shirley, thank you for your book, The Truth About Osteoporosis. Coming from a background in traditional medicine, I have never looked at osteoporosis in the way you describe it. It has been a real eye-opener!

“The section on the root causes of Osteoporosis (according to Dr. Shallenberger) made so much more sense than the usual ‘lack of calcium’ explanation. My doctor has recommended that I go for a bone scan just to establish a baseline for my bone density. After reading this section in your book I really don’t see the need, as it won’t tell me anything about the strength of my bones!

“I recommend this book as an invaluable resource for any woman approaching that time in her life where being well informed about her health is vital to maintaining great quality of life.” 

Save yourself hours of research looking for answers to your questions as I reveal the secrets I have learned!  Here’s what you are about to discover …

Have you been frightened by the “statistics” published about osteoporosis? Unfortunately osteoporosis knows no age boundaries. Even people in the prime of life have been diagnosed with this life-limiting condition!

I know of people who live their lives in fear because of these scary statistics!  Instead of looking forward to their golden years, they are dreading them. 

You don’t have to say ‘goodbye’ to your favorite activities for fear of spontaneous fractures! Living a life filled with fear is not my idea of a quality life.


My name is Shirley Alsop, author of The Truth About Osteoporosis.  I wrote this guidebook for YOU!  You were drawn to this title either because:

1. You’ve been told you have osteoporosis or osteopenia,
2. Someone you care deeply about has been told they have osteoporosis or osteopenia, or
3. You’ve read and heard about all the scary stuff, and you want to make sure you are armed with truth and good information to prevent that diagnosis from ever applying to you!

Your Right to KNOW!

You have a right to know the truth.  You have a right to be informed and empowered.  You no longer have to take all the bad news you hear at face value.  Now you can know for yourself what is true, and what are well-designed myths.  By reading The Truth About Osteoporosis, You will be armed with enough information to make informed decisions about YOUR HEALTH and WELLBEING!

I’m probably the least likely person to ever write a book!  But I had the extreme distress of witnessing both my parents suffer with devastating diseases in their waning years of life – my father with multiple sclerosis, my mum with osteoporosis and alzheimer’s. I would not wish this horrendous experience on anyone!

Angry; Frustrated; Highly Motivated

The worst part was that I realized the medical world had nothing to offer us in these terrible situations. It angered and frustrated me. (As a conventional-medicine oriented nurse and midwife, this was a radical paradigm shift for me!)

So when I was diagnosed with osteopenia myself, I was highly motivated to research and learn all I could about it.  I wanted to know if there were lifestyle changes I could make to heal my own body.  My goal was to achieve optimum health… and to do it naturally… without synthetic hormones, mega-doses of calcium or prescription drugs.

Further motivation was so I could keep up with my outdoors-loving husband as we go hiking, camping, snowshoeing…

What motivates you? What are the things you love doing… that you don’t want to have to give up? Traveling? Dancing? Cycling? Tennis? Gardening? Picking up your grandchildren? The list could go on and on!

It’s true… it can take a bit of effort to stay fit and healthy… especially when you are passed the ‘prime of life’… but the rewards make it all worthwhile! It’s all about the lifestyle you can continue to enjoy!

That’s why I wanted to share with you the amazing results of my experience and research… it’s all revealed in my book, The

Truth About Osteoporosis.

When I first began my search, I could find little or nothing on the subject of bone loss.  Little by little I began to fit together the pieces to the puzzle. 

I found highly-trained professionals who have extensive knowledge of bone health.  These are professionals who know and understand how the body works and how the body can come into a natural balance that enhances bone health. 

I conducted in-depth interviews with these leading researchers and asked all of the questions that you have been asking… and a few more besides!

These professionals include:

… and they are tops in their fields!  Their findings will amaze and astonish you.

One of these experts is quoted in the book as saying:
“Then I researched it myself.… I learned a lot of surprising facts about osteoporosis and osteopenia – completely different from what I’d been taught in medical school.  It was a real revelation.” 

This doctor clearly admits that what she learned in medical school did not line up with what she discovered by doing her own personal research about this so-called disease! 

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