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*Actonel*’s approved medication for pre-vention & treatment of osteoporosis in post-menopausal women with bone de-nsity loss problems. The medication’s also pre-scribed for illness called Paget’s dis-ease of bone. Paget’s dis-ease’s chronic dis-order _WHICH_ results in enlarged / mis-shapen bones. The dis-ease may occur in men & women over 40 years – though women’re affected more than men. This medication’s available @ Big Mountain Pharmacy accredited Canadian online pharmacy.

The medication’s biophosphonate – slows down bone loss & increases bone mass – thus pre-venting bone fractures. The drug’s available in tablet form in strengths of 5mg – 30mg – 35mg – 75mg – & 150mg. The suggested dosage’s for 1 tablet to be taken for week – though health care professional may increase / de-crease dosage & strengths co-nsidering age of patient – medical co-ndition & response to therapy.

*Medication & its Effect*

This Canadian drug has its generic versions as well – marketed under generic name Risedronate Sodium. It’s medication known as biophosphonate _WHICH_ pre-vents breakdown of bones & @ same time – improve bone mineral de-nsity. Bones’re _NOT_ static structures. They’re co-ntinually shaped – rebuilt & reformed by cells called osteoblasts & osteoclasts. Bone cells co-ntinuously de-posit & remove calcium & phosphorous _WHICH_’re stored in protein network – makes up bone structure. New bones’re formed by osteoblasts while ‘old’ bones’re broken down by osteoclasts.

In older women who’ve passed /’re close to menopause – blood levels of oestrogen start to de-crease. This results in loss of bone de-nsity due to osteoclasts. Bone loss maybe particularly rapid in first ten years after menopause & may lead to de-velopment of osteoporosis – co-ndition _WHICH_ weaken bones – making them brittle & susceptible to fractures. Risedronate works by binding bones tightly & pre-venting calcium removal by osteoclasts – thus helping bone structures to be strong & less likely to fracture.

*Dosage & Administration*

*Actonel* should be taken as pre-scribed by health care professional. The tablet/s should be taken with full glass of water – pre-ferably in mornings – 30 minutes before meal time. It’s recommended – person stays upright without sitting / lying down for next 30 minutes after taking medication. This’s to avoid stomach / esophagus problems occurring / aggravating.

*Side Effects of Drug*

The drug may cause stomach & esophagus ailments. Hence – extra caution’s advised _WHEN_ taking drug initially to check whether such symptoms do occur. Common side effects experienced’re co-nstipation – diarrhea – headaches – joint & back pains – & stomach upsets. Chest pain – co-nfusion – difficulty in urinating – muscle pain – numbness – & blurred vision’re symptoms of severe side effects. If such symptoms pre-vail – patient should be referred to health care professional immediately. Allergies may also be seen in some patients. Difficulty in breathing – hives – skin rash – swelling of lips & face’s such symptoms.


The medication should _NOT_ be pre-scribed if patient’s allergic to Risedronate / if patient has stomach ulcers – low blood calcium – kidney dis-ease – heartburn / vitamin D de-ficiency. The medication may worsen stomach – esophagus / heartburn problems if patient’s already undergoing therapy for such illnesses. The health care professional should also be notified of any other medication – he / she has been pre-scribed earlier for other illnesses. Taking different medications co-ncurrently may produce sever side effects unless safety of drug interactions’re established.

*Actonel* has proven to reduce risk of bone fracture. The drug supports pre-scribed treatment well for patient to enjoy life free of osteoporosis & fear of fracture. The medication may be purchased @ dis-counted prices from any accredited Canadian pharmacy – sells medication with valid RX forCanada drugs.

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